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Circuit of Britain


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Take a tour of England and Scotland, mostly over the back roads, along with 89 other classic MG T-type sports cars.


Enjoy "Great MG-T Road Trips"

A group of sports car enthusiasts, members of the New England MG-T Register, took their antique (1945 to 1954) MG cars back to the country where they were made, for a little tour: from one end of Britain to the other, and back again.

MG T type cars on the way through a typical English Village

This ambitious 3-week trip was called the Circuit of Britain, and took this group of MG lovers to many places in England that are important to the history of these popular cars. Places like Beaulieu, Silverstone, Donnington, Brooklands, Prescott Hill Climb, and of course, Abingdon, where the cars were built.


Get into the passenger seat of a 1954 MG-TF and experience for yourself the 2000 miles of beautiful back roads of Great Britain. Join 89 cars and their crews as they motor from Lands End in southwest England to John O'Groats on the northern tip of Scotland. Along the way visit famous racetracks and auto museums, meet famous MG people and participate in the opening of the new MG Car Club headquarters next to the old Abingdon factory site.


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Video Length: 87 min.


Format: DVD; NTSC




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