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The SF Guide to Digital Video Compression
Mark Long

Video Length: 52 min.


Format: DVD; NTSC


Each DVD contains Bonus Learning Materials to further enhance the student's experience.


Author and Presenter,

Mark Long

SF Guide to Digital Video Compression with Mark Long


A breakthrough technology, Digital Video Compression is important to all forms of today's electronic entertainment and communications.


The SF Guide to Digital Video Compression is an information packed, quality video production which offers an in depth, on location tour of one of the 20th century’s most exciting and revolutionary technological developments.

Bi-directional frames are shown being made

Drawing on over 30 years of experience in the satellite telecommunication industry, author, technical trainer and consultant, Mark Long, takes us on a journey through the brave new world that was born from the marriage of tiny Ku-band satellite dishes and digital video compression. He takes the viewer on a down-to-earth tour of what video compression does and how it works.


Using simple language and analogies, along with detailed animated graphics, Mr. Long makes video compression easy to understand. Featuring interviews with satellite and compression industry leaders, this technical short course, The SF Guide to Digital Video Compression, covers MPEG 1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 and Digital Video Broadcasting.




Watch 11 minutes of clips taken from the DVD.  Press Play.


Topics covered include:


From Analog to Digital

Advantages of Digital Video Compression

The Video Compression Imperative

MPEG Compression

The Era of DBS

From Analog to Digital Television

MPEG-2 Pre-processing

Motion Compensation

Discrete Cosign Transform


Huffman Coding

I, P, and B frames

MPEG Encoders

MPEG-2 Data Rates

Open Systems Interconnection Model

MPEG Satellite Applications

The Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) Standard

Advanced Video Coding (AVC)

AVC Profiles

Evolutionary AVC Tools

Next Generation AVC Tools


This information packed DVD also demonstrates a wide array of compression applications, including:


educational satellite delivery, desktop and corporate video-conferencing, twisted pair telephone delivery, direct to home satellite delivery, personal computer & CD ROM, laboratory demos of MPEG 2 digital video at various data compression rates.


This program offers a virtual short course on the technical concepts used in compression and was designed to be part of a complete course of instruction on the technical aspects of satellite communications. It should be used with our Satellite Installations and Satellite Technology Overview DVDs to touch upon all aspects of the technology. Our Satellite Learning Package is great for Vocational/Technical schools and ideal for training entry level industry technicians and installers! It is also an excellent tutorial for emergency management and disaster recovery personnel unfamiliar with satellite technology.


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