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Fort Laurens 3D Model Project

Ohio's only Revolutionary War fort, Fort Laurens, no longer exists.


The Friends of Fort Laurens group wanted to recreate the fort in a "virtual" mode, inside the computer.  These photos show a 3D model in stages of development.  The model was created using Autodesk 3DS Max.


An archaeological dig established the size and shape of the fort and its interior buildings.  Going by all available historical evidence, the fort itself is probably quite accurate.  The surrounding landscape is more open to conjecture.  For example, the stumps shown in the surrounding flat land may not be accurate, as some evidence exists that many of these river bottom lands were often free of trees, either by nature or because the Native Americans burned them off periodically. The soldiers' reports mention having to go a long way to cut and bring back their logs.


While still a work in progress, this is an example of how historic buildings and landscapes can be recreated for video projects.


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