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Satellite Installations; TVRO; 2-way Ku-band; with Mark Long

Video Length: 89 min.


Format: DVD; NTSC


Each DVD contains Bonus Learning Materials to further enhance the student's experience.


Mark Long

Author & Presenter,

Mark Long












Satellite Installations DVD                

Satellite Installations topics:


-Finding the Satellite Arc

-Azimuth & Elevation Coordinates

-Site Surveys and Terrestrial Interference

-Large Dish Installations: Pouring the Pad

-Assembling the Dish

-System Noise Performance & the LNB

-Mounting the LNB & Feedhorn

-Running the Cable

-Feed Fundamentals- "Some Things Never Change"

-Coaxial Cable & Connectors

-Wiring the Feedhorn

-Wiring the Actuator

-The Polar Mount

-Dish Alignment Settings

-Tracking Procedures

-Dual Band Installations

-Small Dish Installations

-Satellite Receivers & IRDs

-Tuning Digital IRDs

-Free-To-Air Satellite TV (FTA)

-Installing Two-Way Systems for Broadband

-How to Use a Spectrum Analyzer: Signal detection; antenna peaking; setting the polarization; measuring antenna sidelobe performance; calculating C/N.


Author Mark Long goes step by step through the process of installing satellite earth stations, from the initial planning to a fully installed system, capable of tracking satellites from horizon to horizon.  More than one hundred and twenty full-color charts and graphics are included.  This is a hands-on learning experience designed to train today's system installers, supplementing the practical knowledge with plenty of background theory. It is an ideal tutorial for disaster recovery personnel working in the field, who need to have some basic understanding of what is required to successfully align the dish in the event that their automated equipment fails. So, whether you get the wrenches out or not, this DVD video is perfect for corporate and classroom training.  Also included are tutorials on basic concepts such as: The Effects of Noise on System Performance Antenna G/T Calculating a Link Budget Azimuth and Elevation Feedhorn Illumination Beamwidth and f/D Using a Portable Spectrum Analyzer Digital MPEG DVB Reception Antenna Pointing Error, and more.


Satellite Installations forms part of a complete technical training course when used in combination with Satellite Technology Overview and SF Guide to Digital Video Compression. Get all three in our Satellite Total Learning Package and save.


Satellite Installations with Mark Long


A complete "how to do it" course to install and "tweak" satellite earth station receiving systems, from the smallest dishes to the largest. For use in classrooms, corporations and in disaster recovery preparedness.


In Satellite Installations, Mark Long presents a high-quality, graphics intensive tutorial covering all technical aspects of the installation of both digital and analog satellite TV receiving systems. This DVD video offers the full spectrum of tools that satellite professionals need to service the intricate technologies of digital video compression and satellite-delivered Web access.

Mark Long demonstrates tracking the satellite arc with a c-band dish


The difference between excellent satellite TV reception and poor signal quality often boils down to one thing: the installation. A correct installation performed by a professional installer can pull out that last fraction of a decibel in signal strength, making the difference between problematic TV reception and a perfect TV picture. Few technicians, however, have gained a thorough knowledge of this subject and related information resources have heretofore been limited in scope and not up to date with the latest technology.


Satellite Installations covers the basics, such as site surveys, cable connections, antenna alignment procedures, and component selection, as well as more esoteric topics such as system noise performance, link budgets, dual-band systems, digital IRDs, FTA systems and broadband via satellite systems. Aspiring satellite installers will also gain maximum benefit from the program’s explanation of how to use a spectrum analyzer.


View 11 minutes of select clips from "Satellite Installations"

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