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MG T Types racing at MGCC MG Live 2015

See three more examples of Lester MGs, racing cars built in the late 40s and early 50s by Harry Lester.  They participate in a vintage MG race at Silverstone Grand Prix circuit on June 21st, 2015, as part of the MG Car Club MG Live event.  If you like MGs and Vintage racing this one is great!

(Left) A Lester MG race car special.

Making MGs At Abingdon  (1931) by British Pathé

Even though this is a silent film, it shows some great views of the MG factory in Abingdon, turning out some M-types and D-types on the production line.  In one bay they are building up a C-type "Montlhery Midget."  Great stuff!   Time: 20:46

MG Factory Abingdon  (1950) by British Pathé


Another look at the factory in Abingdon, this time in 1950.  While still silent, it is great to see the works as they are turning out TDs.
Time:  2:25

The Sports Car of the Year (1955-1956)  
by British Pathé


The birth of the MGA.  Designing the Twin Cam; world record attempt; Alpine Rally 1956; Nice trackand driving shots.

Time: 9:42

MG Does It Again  (1957)  by British Pathé


The story of MGs last record breaking car, the EX-181, which was driven by Sterling Moss in 1957 to over "4 miles a minute" to set a new world record for the 1.5 liter class.  Great MG history.
Time: 14:01

Classic MG Cars - on The Great British Channel  A one hour general introduction to MG cars.  A collection of short videos that cover various models including Peter Green's K3 and Cream Cracker trials car.  Time:58:51

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