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Mexico: The Nation, The Heritage, and The People


This 3-part series of 20 minute shows, Mexico Today, takes an in depth look at our neighbor to the south, a growing country with an economy that ranks 10th in the world.

Three DVD cases for Mexico Today Series

With Mexico's growing importance in the international arena, the need for improved understanding of this nation and its people also grows.  Viewers will explore this fascinating nation by getting a firsthand glimpse at how this country is incorporating its tumultuous and varied history with its present way of life, and with its goals for the future.

The three DVD titles in the "Mexico Today" series are:

Mexico: The Nation



23 mins.



This program takes viewers on an exploration of the cities, government, religion, geography, and industry of Mexico. Diversity can be found in every aspect of Mexican life. From the racial backgrounds of Mexican citizens, to the various geographic and topographic features, viewers will see how variety really is the spice of life. The heart and soul --and capital --of Mexico, Mexico City, is visited, and viewers learn of its rapid growth. Viewers will see how Mexico City, as well as developing villages, are preparing for the future. Mexico's free education system is very unique, and is best shown at the University of Mexico, which boasts over 300,000 students. Viewers will learn about the exports of Mexico, from corn, beans, rice, and petroleum, to beautiful silver from Taxco. The Yucatan, Cancun, Acapulco, Vera Cruz, and the old colonial town of Guanajuato are visited, showing the incredible beauty and diversity of Mexico, the nation.


Mexico: The Heritage



21 mins.



Many factors have played a part in defining the heritage of the modern Mexican citizen. This program examines the strongest influences and how they have affected modern life in Mexico. They include: -- Mexico's roots in such advanced and extensive civilizations like the Maya and the Aztecs. --The legacy of humanistic ideals from the Revolution of 1910. -- Mexico's history of relations with the United States. This program covers three major periods in the country's history from advanced civilizations that existed before Columbus discovered America, to the present day. The ancient city of Teotihuacan is visited, and various ancient civilizations including the Maya, are discussed. Other factors that play a part in Mexico's heritage are covered as well, including food, clothing and art. Viewers will gain much insight into Mexico's proud heritage and see how it influences the Mexico of today.

Mexico: The People



20 mins.



The lifestyles of the Mexican people are quite diverse. This program looks at how the region in which they live and their socioeconomic heritage continue to be powerful factors in determining the quality of their lives. The Catholic church is an influential part of Mexican life, but not as influential as the family. Viewers meet several families of different classes, and are given an in-depth look at the Mexican family, which is frequently made up of several generations. A lower class rural family, a middle class woodcarving family, and an upper class professional family are visited, and viewers learn that although they may have very different lifestyles, they do have much in common, including the influence of the church and the free educational system. This program provides much insight into how the people of Mexico live their daily lives.


Video Length: 20-23 mins.


Format: DVD

MEXICO: The Nation

MEXICO: The Heritage


MEXICO: The People


Mexico Today Package

All 3 DVDs:       

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