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This page presents a quick but complete overview of all the videos currently available on THE MG CARS CHANNEL on YouTube.


From this page you can access our many videos about MG cars and their history. Clicking any video will take you to YouTube. Watch any video there or come back to this page for navigation.

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This is the place to find videos about all things MG.  You can become familiar with the history of MG by learning about the various models produced through the years; start with "The First MG," to learn that it was not the car we call "Old Number One."  Follow the link at the end of each video to find the next in the series.  Each MG model through the years is featured in its own video.  So it's also great to go straight to the cars that interest you the most.  In addition to the cars, we will feature some MG people, famous and not, who help tell the MG story.  Beyond that, we'll have MG Places -- places that have figured into the MG story over the years -- and MG Events, some historical and others happening now.  And, of course, there's racing and "trials" events as well!

This new 41 minute video encapsulates the story of how MG helped birth U.S. sports car road racing in the 1930s and again after World War 2, and how MG helped establish Watkins Glen as the iconic American race circuit it has become. Hear from race drivers who competed in the historic first Watkins Glen Grand Prix of 1948.  Click image below to "go racing in the streets."

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These six gentlemen (plus Richard Knudson on the right) tell the story of the first road races in this country in  "MGs AT WATKINS GLEN - RACING IN THE STREETS"  (above)

In the interest of history and deeper understanding their entire interviews are posted here uncut.

To see lots of original footage from those first street races, this Public Television production is great.


Also, the earlier street races in Alexandria Bay are featured in the British Pathe film:




Tesla Not Alone In Space.


Second Historic Heavy Lift Rocket Test Launches a "More Traditional" Cargo Into Space.


See the replay of the live feed in full HD here.

MG Specials - Racing and special bodies

EX-181 MG Special land speed record breaker 1935 NB -Magnette MG with Airline Coupe body Arnolt bodied MG special

MG Specials


Airline Coupés


Arnolt special bodied MGs


MG Places

Abingdon, England

See the factory and places about the town of Abingdon that were and are still important to the MG legacy.

Boundary House in Abingdon Kimber Road sign in Abingdon, England

MG People

Hear it from them.

Richard Knudson, scholar and MG historian, co-founded the New England MG-T Register. In this 6 min. uncut interview he talks about the beginnings of sports car road racing in America and about the Watkins Glen mystique.

John Browne, works mechanic at MG in Oxford Jerry Goguen, founder of Abingdon Spares

Jerry Goguen, founder of the Westminster MG Museum and Abingdon Spares.

Jim Simpson, MG factory employee in Abingdon

Jim Simpson talks about his nearly 40 years at the Abingdon factory.

John Thornley, last MG General Manager in Abingdon

John Thornley, MG General Manager, and much more!

Jean Kimber Cook, daughter of Cecil Kimber

Jean Kimber Cook remembers her father and her childhood with MGs.

Mike Allison, MG author

Mike Allison, MG Author and MG factory employee.

LINKS to other excellent MG videos


We will post links to third party videos that expand and enhance our appreciation of MGs.

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Lester MG Racer

Lester MG on the track at speed

Go to Links page to see more Lester MGs.

In the late 1940s and 50s, Harry Lester built a series of race cars using MG chassis and  engines.  Take a ride in one of the historic survivors that now races with Marvin Primack in the USA.

EVENT: Wrap-Up - GOF Central 2017

See the cars and get the flavor of the premiere MG gathering in the Central & Midwest  U.S.


Wrap-Up Report
on MG 2016

Enjoy some of the sights and sounds of the 5 year, MG national meet held June 13th to 17th, 2016, in Louisville, Kentucky.  This  6 minute video captures the flavor of this great event!

MG 2016 - Louisville national MG meet - Logo title card

"Our MG Garage, 1935"

Signed Art Print


Enjoy F. Gordon-Crosby's iconic and nostalgic drawing of an MG garage in the 1930's as a full color photograph!  Amazing detail of period correct items in the shop.


For more information about "Our MG Garage, 1935" in full color, or to order a quality print for framing, signed by the artist, go to this page.

"Our MG Garage, 1935" signed art print

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