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Badge bar with badges of four "Great MG-T Road Trips."

Remember all those great ol' MG-T Road Trips?
Need something to jog your memory?

DVDs and case for "Great MG-T Road Trips"

"Great MG-T Road Trips" is a 2-DVD collection of four of the Register’s most enjoyable treks.

Whether you went on any of these journeys or not, you will enjoy seeing the scenery, the cars and how the cars’ owners cope with the rigors and stresses of long road trips. This 5 hours of carefully edited video will bring back memories of old roads and old friends.

One of the greatest activities of the New England MG-T Register has been the sponsorship of many extended road trips during the ‘80s and ‘90s. Shelburne Films has carefully documented four of these expeditions on video and has previously released three on VHS videotape.


Responding to requests to update the programs to 21st century technology and preserve them in a format that will last far into the future, we have gone back to the higher quality original videotapes to produce the best quality digital encoding for transfer to the "state of the art" DVD disc format. DVDs can be viewed on inexpensive ($30) TV "set-top" players or through your computer’s DVD drive. Menus allow interactive control over what you view; you can select a specific day or event and go directly to it -- no winding.


MGs come off the boat in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia.

GREAT MG-T ROAD TRIPS includes these four NEMGTR trips:

Take a tour of England and Scotland, mostly over the back roads, along with 89 other classic MG T-type sports cars.

View 12 minutes of select clips from this 87 minute DVD.

Enjoy Canada's Maritime Provinces of Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and New Brunswick from the seat of a T-type MG.

View 12 minutes of select clips from this 82 minute DVD.

Join a group of antique MG enthusiasts as they travel America's most scenic highways: the Skyline Drive and the Blue Ridge Parkway.

View 12 minutes of select clips from this 60 minute DVD.

Explore Canada's most remote Maritime Province, Newfoundland. From St. John's, near the easternmost point in America, follow 34 MGs across the Province to Gros Morne and Corner Brook. Seacoast fishing villages, friendly people and Puffins abound.

View 12 minutes of select clips from this 63 minute DVD.


Official Route Books for the four "Great MG-T Road Trips."

Also included are the four original route books for the trips in PDF computer file format that can be viewed on your computer screen or printed out. Now you can retrace the routes of the original trips, either while viewing the DVD or in your own car!


This 2-DVD set captures an important chapter in the history of the New England MG-T Register and in the history of MG cars. It belongs in your library!


Download a printable color flier for "Great MG-T Road Trips" in PDF format. (372K)

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