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Nikos Pappas, Music Researcher and  Director

"In putting together this CD, every effort has been made to ensure its authenticity and accurateness in documenting the musical culture of the formative part of our nation's history."

                  -- Nikos Pappas

"Music of an Emerging Nation"      CD -              


Also check out the video program that this music was created for: "Opening the Door West"

Music from "Opening the Door West"


On Compact Disc


A selection of historic American music from the period -1751 to 1820.


Carefully researched, arranged and directed by Nikos Pappas, these 25 music selections were recorded for use in "Opening the Door West."


This 62 minute Music CD includes Orchestral, Choral, Fiddle, Native American Indian and African American traditional music.



Track List for CD: "Music of an Emerging Nation"


“Faederal March” by Alexander Reinagle written for the 4th of July Celebration in Philadelphia, 1788. orch. Nikos Pappas - Orchestra


“Washington’s March” arr. Job Plympton from the mss. collection “Universal Repository of Music,” 1807 – Harmonie wind band


“Green’s March, or March to Boston,” ca. 1777 – Fiddle


“Shawnee Buffalo Song” – Native American tradition


“George Washington’s Funeral March” arr. Job Plympton, 1807 – Harmonie wind band


“The Negroe” from A Choice Collection of 200 Country Dances, Vol. VI, 1751 – African American tradition


“Handel’s Water Piece” arr. Samuel Holyoke from The Instrumental Assistant, 1800 – American consort


“She Rides on Eagle’s Wings” – Native American tradition


“La Rogue” from Plympton mss., 1807 – Fiddle


“Jordan” by William Billings, 1778 – Choir


“La Marselleise” arr. Charles Bronson (?) from a mss. collection from Tallmadge, OH, ca. 1820 – American consort


“Massachusetts March” by Frederick Grainger, ca. 1790, keyboard score appeared in the “Massachusetts Magazine,” 1790; band arrangement in The Instrumental Assistant, 1800 – Harmonie wind band


“Iroquois Social Song No. 1” – Native American tradition


“Iroquois Social Song No. 2” – Native American tradition


“Medley Overture” by James Hewitt. ca. 1793, recon. Nikos Pappas (Only the string parts survive in mss., the wind parts were written to approximate the original instrumentation) – Orchestra


“Marie Antoinette” arr. Plympton, 1807 – Harmonie wind band


“Maryland” by William Billings from Psalm Singer’s Assistant, 1778 – Choir


“Marching Quadrille” transcribed by Samuel P. Bayard from Dance to the Fiddle, March to the Fife – Fiddle


“Wayne’s March” arr. Holyoke, 1800 – American consort


“Pompey ran away – Negroe Jig” from A Selection of Scotch, English, Irish and Foreign Airs. Adapted for the Fife, Violin, or German Flute, 1782 – African American tradition


“Roslin Castle” arr. Charles Bronson (?), ca. 1820 – American consort


“Green’s March” arr. Charles Bronson (?), ca. 1820 – American consort


“Spirits in the Mist” – Native American tradition


“Ticonderoga” from Thompson’s Collection of Country Dances, ca. 1780 – Fiddle


“March” by Harman Blennerhassett, ca. 1796-1804, arr. and orch. Nikos Pappas - Orchestra


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