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F. Gordon Crosby

Perhaps the most influential artist of the early days of automobiles and auto racing, F. Gordon Crosby is seen here making a drawing at the famous Brooklands track.  The young man behind him is Peter, his son, who was also a good artist.  Peter died flying a P-51 over the English Channel in 1942. Distraught over his son's death and in failing health, Frederick Gordon-Crosby took his own life a few months later.


During his career at Autocar Magazine, he produced many color paintings and B&W drawings that captured the early days of motor racing with flair and excitement. He also painted or drew several early MG models for use in factory sales literature. Some even appeared on the cover of The Autocar. Today his art is highly sought after.


The image below is his drawing of a 1933 MG J2 being worked on in a typical English garage of the day.

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