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Run Around the Rock


One of 4 programs on DVD set.


Tour of Newfoundland, from St John's on the east coast to Gros Morne on the west. Learn why the locals call it "the Rock," despite it's great natural beauty!


Experience Newfoundland from the seat of an MG-T car. Plenty of splendid scenery on this island filled with lighthouses, small fishing villages, rocky harbors, Atlantic Puffins, craggy terrain and very friendly people.  The New England MG-T Register sponsored the trip in 1996, planned and led by Barc Cunningham, a local resident.


Join the 28 classic T-type MGs that assembled in St John's from all over the eastern United States to drive the 1600 plus mile route.

Enjoy "Great MG-T Road Trips"

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Video Length: 63 min.


Format: DVD; NTSC

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Great MG-T Road Trips

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