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Skyline Soiree


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Join a group of antique MG enthusiasts as they travel America's most scenic highways: the Skyline Drive and the Blue Ridge Parkway.


Enjoy "Great MG-T Road Trips"

It's springtime and 71 classic T-type MGs and their crews gather in Front Royal, Virginia, ready for the 469.1 miles of the most beautiful and peaceful uninterrupted highway in our country. Nine days of leisurely (35 to 45 MPH) driving would take them through countless scenic overlooks, past deer and other wildlife, to several cozy mountain lodges, through the states of Virginia and North Carolina, and finally to the Great Smokey Mountains National Tennessee.

MGs on the "Skyline Soiree" explore the grounds of the Biltmore mansion in Asheville, NC.


The Skyline Drive and The Blue Ridge Parkway were built during the Great Depression as a public works project. It is, in effect, a long, skinny National Park, one half mile wide and 469 miles long.


In the words of trip organizer Hank Rippert: "The Blue Ridge Parkway is the best boon our government ever doggled." Connecting the Shenandoah and Great Smoky Mountains National Parks, the Parkway is one grand and unified earth sculpture, combining the artful sciences of architecture, construction, landscaping and social engineering. Most of the Parkway's 469 miles roll atop 355 miles of the BlueWe ARE having fun on the "Skyline Soiree." Ridge The remaining distance is through the heart of the Southern Highlands over the Black Mountains, The Great Craggies, Pisgah Ledge and the Great Balsams, extending on either side of the Parkway like wings of a great eagle. At Mile Post 65, the Parkway dips to its lowest elevation, 650 feet. It soon weaves up to the crest line again, and on Apple Orchard Mountain attains its highest level in Virginia, 3,950 feet. At Richland Balsam, Mile Post 431, the Parkway attains its maximum elevation of 6,053 feet. The Blue Ridge Parkway is a perfect way of travel through the Southern Highlands for the "recreation motorist" and his or her T-Series MG.


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Great MG-T Road Trips

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