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South America Today video series on DVD

Each of the nine major countries in South America is explored in depth in these 20 minute programs.  Learn about the country's geography, people, customs, heritage and economy.  See for yourself how life is lived quite differently in each country.  Designed for classroom use, these programs are now available for individuals to use in home study at special student prices.

Many of the major tourist attractions are shown in each show, including: Machu Picchu, Galapagos Islands, Iguassu Falls, Angel Falls, Amazonia, Lake Titicaca and many more. The most famous Indian markets are shown, like Otovalo Market in Ecuador and Pisac Market in Peru. Many Indian cultures are shown from the Cuna Indians of Panama's San Blas Islands to the highland Indians (Quechua and Aymara) of Peru and Bolivia and the lowland Guarani Indians of Paraguay.


Additionally, the DVDs show handicrafts and native products from each country, as well as local dress, music and dance. Many beaches are featured, from the Caribbean beaches of Venezuela and Panama to the ''world class'' beaches like Punta del Este in Uruguay and the Rio beaches in Brazil.


Colorful maps and graphics help illustrate the geography of each country.


DVD cases for South America Today series of individual country DVDs.

Watch a 22 minute video compiled from these shows, "The Wonders of South America" produced for the South America Travel Assn.

Woman in Ollantaytambo, Peru
Farmer in Paraguay
Reed boat builder on Lake Titicaca in Bolivia
Ladies in Salvador Bahia, Brazil
The Tango in Argentina
Uruguay Beach


Argentina is the second largest nation in Latin America, and South America's most atypical country. One-third of the country's population lives in the capital city of Buenos Aires. The three periods of Argentinean government are discussed in detail, including the leadership of Juan Peron. The arctic life of the southern Argentinean coast, including Patagonia, is shown.


Bolivians take great pride in their country, because they believe that Bolivia is where Mother Earth and Father Sun chose to begin civilization on earth. Viewers will see how this emerging country is dealing with the changes involved in modernization. A look at Bolivia's economy, educational system, and culture gives viewers an excellent introduction to this fascinating country and people.


This program focuses on the many contrasts to be found in South America's largest country, Brazil. A look at Brazil's major cities and a history of its government is provided. Viewers will explore the beautiful Amazon and learn of its importance to the world's ecosystem. The wide variety of exports Brazil has to offer and the diversity of the people and their traditions are also discussed.


Viewers will explore Chile's largest city and capital, Santiago, and also learn about Chile's primary resources and their importance to the economy. The various economic, political, and historical changes that have occurred in Chile are reviewed, including Salvador Allende's efforts toward industrialization and Augosto Pinochet's leadership.


Ecuador, located on the equator, has been known as the center of the earth since ancient times. This program looks at Ecuador's diverse culture and its history. Viewers will learn how ancient customs and traditions are able to exist today in the emerging modern Ecuadorian society.

Paraguay & Uruguay

This program compares and contrasts these very different countries, which are often mistaken for each other. They share the gaucho heritage of the South American cowboy and are located close to each other, but, the similarity stops there. Uruguay is an urban, seacoast democracy, while Paraguay is rural, landlocked and has a history of autocracy.


This program looks at the great Inca empire that encompassed Peru, and how the arrival of the Spanish changed it. Viewers will learn why tradition is important to the people of Peru; the effects of modernization are also reviewed. This program explores how Peruvians try to incorporate old values and traditions into modern practices


Caracas, Venezuela's capital city, is filled with modernistic buildings and well-laid-out highways. Viewers will learn how the economy is assisted by vast oil reserves, which helps support a free educational system. The diverse geography ranging from seacoast, to savanna, to Amazon jungle, to high mountain peaks is shown.



South America Today Series

Complete Package-All 8 DVDs

Iguassu Falls in Brazil
Girls on the beach in Rio, Brazil
Indians of the Amazon with blowguns
Volcano in Chile
View from a Spanish fort in Venezuela
Guanacos in Patagonia
Seacoast in Chile
Bottle dancers in Paraguay

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