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Satellite technology overview with Mark Long

Video Length:  82 mins.


Format:  DVD;  NTSC


Each DVD contains Bonus Learning Materials to further enhance the student's experience.

Mark Long presents the basics of satellite technology

Author and Presenter,

Mark Long

Satellite Technology Overview with Mark Long


A concentrated look at the technical side of Geostationary communications satellites and the receiving earth stations.


Satellite Technology Overview is a comprehensive presentation by author Mark Long, of the basic technical concepts of satellite TV, ranging from the satellites overhead to the systems hardware down on the ground. Related technologies such as encryption, compression, Ku-band dish farm at Hughes headquartersVSATs for business, broadband systems for consumers and two-way transportable terminals for disaster relief applications are also covered.


Portable satellite terminalOur Satellite Technology Overview DVD is an information-intensive program targeted at enterprises, corporations, educational institutions, and government agencies that need to bring their staff, partners and customers up to speed on a wide range of satellite technologies. It is an excellent tutorial for emergency management and disaster recovery personnel.


When combined with our Satellite Installations DVD and our Guide to Digital Video Compression DVD, the audience obtains a complete information intensive short course on the technical aspects of satellite systems.


WATCH 12 minutes of select clips from the 82 minute DVD program below.




Satellite Technology Overview covers:


Part 0ne: The Space Segment

Orbits and Orbital Assignments


Satellite Frequency Bands

FSS vs BSS Satellite Freq. Assignments

Satellite Transponders

Satellite Polarization Formats

Satellite Communication Subsystems

Interpreting Satellite Coverage Maps


Part Two: The Ground Segment

Antennas & Feedhorns




Broadband via Satellite

Disaster Recovery


Satellite Technology Overview is a general introduction to all aspects of satellite audio and video technology, concentrating on technical matters which cut across the spectrum of basic C-band, Ku-band, DBS (tiny dishes) and video compression. This DVD provides the background and theory needed before anyone can pick up the tools and go to work!





The Satellite Technology Overview DVD was designed to be part of a complete course of instruction on the technical aspects of satellite communications. It should be used with our Satellite Installations and Guide to Digital Video Compression DVDs to touch upon all aspects of the technology. Our Satellite Learning Package is great for Vocational/Technical schools and ideal for training entry level industry technicians and installers! It is also an excellent tutorial for emergency management and disaster recovery personnel unfamiliar with satellite technology.


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