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Does M.G. stand for Morris Garage?


I’ve just seen the first of your short films where it is stated that ”everybody  knows M.G. stands for Morris Garages”. This is incorrect though this myth is perpetuated in a couple of books written on  M.G.‘s.  Both Cecil Kimber & his daughter Jean consistently stated that M.G. does NOT stand for Morris Garages but simply means M.G. Though both M.G. & Morris Garages coexisted they were completely separate companies & paid tax on that basis.


 It is true that Cecil devised the name M.G. as an homage to Lord Nuffield however it is not now nor was it ever an abbreviation of Morris Garages nor did it ever stand for Nuffield’s company. This question was put to Cecil on many occasions throughout his lifetime & his answer was always the same “M.G. stands for itself”. The dots are often cited as proof of the abbreviation however this is dealt with by John Daniel,  a contemporary of Cecil,  in a letter published in full on the M.G. Nuts website. John & Cecil were at a Royal Auto Club dinner in the early 1930’s where Cecil was the guest speaker & where he explained the significance of the dots & yet again stated categorically that M.G. does not stand for Morris Garages.


 I firmly believe that if you undertake your own research on this fascinating subject, as I have, you will arrive at the same conclusion & end up agreeing with Cecil & Jean. The final word should rest with them.  After all is said & done, they were there & they should know…


Peter Hehir

M.G. TD 5801



Jean Kimber Cook was Cecil Kimber's daughter and she has always maintained that her father intended MG to "stand" for itself and not "stand" for Marris Garages.

In 1980 the Register invited Jean and Denis to come to the states for a visit and to attend one of our Gatherings of the Faithful. Jean came and she conquered; that is, she completely wowed the enthusiasts at the Gathering that was held in Killington, Vermont. She took time with anyone who wanted to talk with her. She had a

collection of photos to share with everyone.


Most memorable were her banquet remarks. More than one attendee was stunned to hear her tell the group that, "M.G. did not stand for Morris Garages. My father always insisted the M.G. stands for itself !' And then she had everyone at the banquet repeat enthusiastically, " M.G. stands for itself !"


What a night!


Dick Knudson -  The Sacred Octagon Magazine


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