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Our most popular video offering is "Opening The Door West," which has garnered 4 prestigious international awards including a CINE Golden Eagle and a Silver Telly Award.


This two-hour television documentary about the first legal pioneer settlers of the Old Northwest Territory is more than the story of life on the Ohio frontier in 1787, it is the story of the first organized settlement that officially began our young nation’s westward expansion. Find out more.


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The story of the Ohio Company pioneers making the first settlement in the old Northwest Territory.
Satellite Learning Package DVD covers

3 Learning Videos on basic satellite television technology.

     "Satellite Technology Overview"

     "Installing Satellite Antennas"

     "Digital Video Compression"

"Great MG-T Road Trips" DVD case and two DVDs

Four "Great MG Road Trips" are captured on this 2 DVD set. Ride along with a group of MG enthusiasts as they explore Great Britain, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, and the Skyline Drive and Blue Ridge Parkway.

"Opening the Door West" package for teachers, including expanded DVD and a CD ROM.

This Teachers Edition of "Opening the Door West" is designed for the classroom teacher with additional materials and teaching guide.

DVD cases for 3 programs on Mexico's land, people and history.

3 Learning Videos about Mexico -- the country's Land, People and Heritage.

DVD programs explore the geography and history of 8 major countries of South America

"South America Today" Series of 8 DVDs covering nine of the major countries in South America.

CD of early American music used in "Opening the Door West."

"Music of an Emerging Nation" CD -- The official soundtrack for the PBS documentary, "Opening the Door West."

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