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Watch this 22 minute tour of the entire continent, "Wonders of South America."  Press "Play."


The Wonders of South America


This is a fast paced tour of the ten major countries of South America, plus Panama, showing the major features and attractions of each.


Now you can tour the whole South American continent, from the Panama Canal to Patagonia, in only 22 minutes! Not via the Space Shuttle, of course, but via your television set.

Building reed boats on Lake Titicaca

The Wonders of South America highlights eleven different South American countries in a spectacular whirlwind presentation. While showing most of the major tourist destinations, the video captures the unique flavor of each individual country, from its food and music to its national products and crafts; and from its natural beauty and animals to its people and cultures, both old and new. The video provides the prospective traveler with a perfect introduction to a most fascinating continent.

Machu Picchu in Peru

Video Length: 22 min.


Format: DVD


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