MG Cars Channel

The MG Cars Channel is the place to learn your MG ABCs and enjoy the history and beauty of these great British sports cars. You’ll find it all on this channel, including information about MG cars, history, lore, people, events, races, trials, and shows.

MG Cars Channel

MG Cars

Learn about MG history through the design changes made to the cars as they evolved from the first to the last.

MG Places

Learn about iconic MG locations in Abingdon, England, including The MG Car Factory, The Magic Midget Pub, and The Boundary House.

MG Events

Learn about the history of MGs racing in the streets of Watkins Glen, NY. You’ll hear the story of how MG helped birth US sports car road racing in the 1930s and again after World War II.

MG People

Learn about top names in the MG world, including John Thornley, Jean Kimber Cook, Dick Knudson, Mike Allison, Jim Simpson (MG Factory Employee), and John Browne (MG Works Mechanic). Learn More

MG Specials

Learn about MGs with special bodies and tuning, including record breakers and all the unusual MGs.


The First MG (02:26)
The First MG (02:26)
14/28 Bull Nose Super Sport (05:06)
14/28 Bull Nose Super Sport (05:06)
Old Number One (03:34)
Old Number One (03:34)
Red Vintage Car
14/28-13/40 (09:49)
Driver Driving The Car In Speed
18/80 (10:45)
Triple M Cars
Triple-M-Cars introduction (02:37)
M Types Car
M-types (17:28)
C and D Types Car
C & D-types (07:24)
F Types Car
F-types (09:34)
J type Car
J-types (17:45)
Triple M Cars
Triple-M-Cars introduction (02:37)
KN-4-Door Saloon (10:30)
KN-4-Door Saloon (10:30)
L Types Car
L-types (08:13)
N Types Car
N-types (16:50)
P And Q Types Car
P & Q-types (19:19)
R Types Car
R-types (01:05)
SA And VA And WA Types Car
SA & VA & WA-types (10:24)
T Types Car
T-types introduction (08:52)
TA And TB Types Car
TAs & TBs (07:16)
MG-TC (09:00)
MG-TD (04:51)
Arnolts (04:26)
MG-TF (15:57)
Y Types Car
Y-types (4:01)
Z Types Magnettes
Z-type Magnettes (02:43)
MGA (10:36)
Mark III IV Magnettes
Mark III / IV Magnettes (01:56)
MGB & MGC (20:10)
All About The 6 Cylinder MGC
All About the 6 cylinder MGC (23:33)
MG 1100
MG 1100 & 1300 Saloon (9:59)