Opening the Door West – Teacher Edition

Opening the Door West is an indispensable aid when it comes to teaching the history of Ohio and the Northwest Territory. Shelburne Films is proud to have worked with the experienced educational professionals at Educational Technology Services for Southeast Ohio (eTSEO) to develop this excellent Teacher’s Guide. The program content aligns with the Ohio Social Studies and Language Arts Academic Content Standards benchmarks and indicators for students in fourth and eighth grades. The guide and bonus materials extend learning experiences and provide suggestions for teaching topics related to social studies, language arts, math, science, and fine arts.

A DVD version with bonus materials is available, along with a comprehensive Teacher Resources Guide on CD-ROM with additional bonus materials. This Multimedia Kit makes it extremely easy for teachers to integrate the two-hour historical documentary into many different subject areas. The kit contains the Teacher Resources Guide, plus all the bonus materials referenced in the guide, including the four full-length music cuts, artwork, printable documents and drawings, and primary-source writings (not available online) on a convenient interactive CD-ROM disc that can be run directly or easily installed on your own computer.

The Opening the Door West Plus! Multimedia Kit was created through a collaboration of Shelburne Films, WOUB Center for Public Media, and eTSEO, thanks to a grant from eTech Ohio.